Torii integrates with Azure Active Directory and syncs the user list, 3rd party application list, 3rd party permissions and usage data.

In order for Torii to pull sign-in info from Azure AD, it requires you to have a Premium 1 license (P1). Without this license, Torii cannot retrieve the required information regarding SaaS applications connected to your Azure Active Directory.

The user who connects Azure AD to Torii, should have a P1 license. That should cost around $6/month.

Purchasing Azure AD P1 license

  1. Sign in to Microsoft consumer portal ( and navigate to Billing -> Purchase services.

  2. Look fo “Azure Active Directory Premium P1” license. Purchase one license, and assign it to the relevant user (I can assume that would be you).

Please notice that you only need to purchase one license, and it should be assigned to the user connecting Azure to Torii.

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