In order to configure Google SSO:

  1. Sign into the Google admin panel.

  2. Choose "Apps".

  3. Choose "SAML Apps".

  4. Click the "Create new app" button on bottom-right.

  5. Choose "Setup my own custom app".

  6. Download the "iDP metadata" XML file (option 2) and send the file via email to our support team at

  7. Click next and configure the following:
    - ACS URL:
    - Entity ID:
    - Check the "Signed response" checkbox
    - No need to change anything else -> click "Save"

    (replace ORG_ID with your Organization ID. What is my Organization ID?)

  8. Enable the new app for the employees you want (you can turn it on for everyone or specific users).

Once completed, our support team will configure your account on the same day and your account will be set up with G SSO.

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