Torii integrates with NetSuite and analyzes SaaS expenses. Torii will automatically match transactions to the correct application, summarize expenses and provide insights.


Connect NetSuite by following the NetSuite integration guide.


The integration uses a custom read-only NetSuite role that allows Torii to sync data from NetSuite.


Torii syncs transactions from your NetSuite account and matches SaaS related expenses to their respective app on Torii.

The following fields of transactions are used for mapping the expense to the correct application: vendor.companyName, and memo.


By default, the integration syncs the main line of posted and approved transactions from all NetSuite accounts.

Transaction types that are pulled in are:

  • Vendor Bills

  • Credit Card Charges

You may choose to sync additional supported transaction types:

  • Vendor Payments (instead of Vendor Bills)

  • Journal Entries

  • Checks

  • Vendor Credit

  • Expense Report

  • Credit Card Refund

The integration can be further customized to fit different Netsuite setups. You may:

  • Limit the sync to specific NetSuite accounts

    • Note: Provide Torii with account names and numbers

  • Sync line items instead of the main line

  • Disable Torii’s automatic currency conversion feature

  • Ignore amortized Vendor Bills

For customization, please contact

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