When you integrate an application with Torii, you grant limited access to your data. However, sometimes integrations fail to synchronize your data for various reasons. 

Here's an overview of the different errors and how to handle them:

  • Insufficient permissions
    The user who integrated the application does not have the required permissions to access the needed data. Re-connect the integration with a user with the correct permissions (usually an admin / super-admin).

  • Invalid credentials
    The supplied credentials were incorrect. Re-connect the integration and make sure the credentials are valid and can be used to login into the application you are connecting.

  • Multi-Factor authentication not supported
    The application requires another factor of authentication, such as verifying via a text message send to your mobile device, an email or other two step verification methods. If there's a different user with Multi-factor authentication not enforced, re-connect the service with that user.

  • User needs to login manually and approve new conditions
    The integrated application requires the user to approve new terms of service or other conditions before allowing access to the account. Login to the application and approve the new conditions.

  • Last sync failed, a retry will be performed
    There was a temporary problem connecting to the integrated application. The sync process will be re-tried after 24 hours.

You can view the status of your integrations on the Integrations page.

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