Torii integrates with Expensify and analyzes SaaS expenses. Torii will automatically match transactions to the correct application, summarize expenses and provide insights.


  • Connect Expensify from the Integrations page.

  • Expensify Integration Server instructions from Expensify side can be found here


The integration uses the partnerUserID and partnerUserSecret you will be asked to provide.


Torii syncs the transaction-list found in reports from your Expensify account and matches SaaS related expenses to their respective app on Torii.

The following fields of transactions are used for mapping the expense to the correct application: merchant, modifiedMerchant and comment.

Provide Torii with Expensify custom view

Note, that if you don't want to expose Torii to all Expensify data, you will have to create an Expensify user with custom view and connect this user to Torii while preforming the integration.

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