In order to configure Azure Active Directory SSO:

  1. Sign into the Azure management portal using your Azure Active Directory administrator account.

  2. Choose "Azure Active Directory" -> "Directory" -> "Enterprise Applications".

  3. Choose "New Application".

  4. Select "Add from the gallery".

  5. Search for "Torii" and select it once found.

  6. Choose "Configure Single Sign-on" section and select "SAML-based Sign-on" in the "Single Sign-on Mode" dropdown.

  7. Configure the SAML integration with the following:
    "Reply URL":
    "User Identifier": Select "user.mail" from the dropdown.

    (replace ORG_ID with your Organization ID. What is my Organization ID?)

  8. Download the "Metadata" XML file and send the file via email to our support team at

Once completed, our support team will configure your account on the same day and your account will be set up with Azure Active Directory SSO.

Note: The steps above cover everything you need to know. Microsoft has created a dedicated tutorial with images detailing the steps written above: Tutorial: Azure Active Directory single sign-on (SSO) integration with Torii

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