Important: Requirements

Before integrating Atlassian, make sure that:

  1. You have an organization set up at

  2. You are an Organization Admin, and not just a Site Admin. More information is available here.

  3. At least one domain has been verified for that organization

  4. You see users on your Atlassian admin dashboard


Torii integrates with your Atlassian Cloud installation and syncs the list of users, licenses, and last usage date for each Atlassian product.

For the integration, you will need to provide your Organization ID and API Key.

To generate an API Key:

  1. Login to your Atlassian admin dashboard at

  2. Create an Organization and select it

  3. Go to DirectoryDomain from the left menu

  4. Verify at least one domain

  5. Go to Directory → Managed Accounts and make sure you see your Atlassian users there. This is the list that will be synced into Torii.

  6. Go to Settings → API Keys and click Create API Key.

  7. Name your key torii-api-key and choose an expiry date of 1 year

  8. Click Create

  9. Copy the presented Organization ID and API Key as they will only be shown once.

  10. Go to Torii Integrations page and click on the Atlassian tile in order to connect.

  11. Paste the Organization ID and API Key you generated on the Atlassian console and click Connect.

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