Today’s modern enterprises use hundreds of cloud-based software solutions. They have to if they want to stay relevant. The problem that every company faces is how to centralize and manage the company's software.

Torii automatically discovers and maps all cloud applications, licenses, and users.  It automates all daily SaaS-related tasks resulting in SaaS cost reductions, less time spent on managing its technology, and improved productivity and internal policies so that you get the most out of your software.

This guide will walk you through the steps required to keep your SaaS managed. They’re listed below:

  1. Discover Your SaaS Stack

  2. Visualize the SaaS Cost

  3. Organize Your Tech Stack Inventory

  4. Automate your SaaS Management

  5. Save on SaaS Cost and Optimize your SaaS Stack

  6. Security and Compliance Review

  7. Publish Your SaaS Application Catalog

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