One of Torii's capabilities, is the ability to reconcile data from multiple data sources. Your SaaS financial data is one of these data sources. Importing your SaaS expenses into Torii will enrich your SaaS inventory with the cost of each tool.

Importing your SaaS costs into Torii has several benefits:

  1. Visualize your SaaS expenses

  2. Uncover Shadow-IT

  3. Find paid applications that are underutilized or no longer in use.

Torii has multiple capabilities when it comes to importing and visualizing you SaaS costs. You can choose either to automatically import SaaS expenses into Torii by connecting your ERP/Expense system into Torii or manually by uploading a SaaS expense report.

How to Integrate your ERP/Expense system into Torii

  1. Navigate to the Integrations Page -

  2. Hover on the relevant ERP/Expense tool (Netsuite, Expensify, ...), and click Connect  

How to Manually upload SaaS Expense Report into Torii

  1. Navigate to the Expenses Page -

  2. Click Upload Expense Report  and upload a CSV/Excel expense report

  3. Torii may prompt you to map the relevant fields in your report

  4. The expense report should contain the following fields:

  • Description / App Name

  • Transaction Date

  • Amount

  • Currency (optional)

✢ Torii automatically parses expense reports from multiple known ERP vendors.

✢ You may also use the Torii template as a reference

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