Once you start managing your SaaS, Torii can help you uncover cost saving opportunities.

Find Wasted Licenses

For seat-based licenses, one of the easiest ways to save cost it to find wasted licenses. For each integrated application, Torii provides a detailed license breakdown. Torii can display inactive or unassigned licenses, that in most cases, can be reclaimed to reduce cost. The most common reasons for wasted licenses are:

  • License assigned to past employees

  • No usage

  • Suspended accounts

  • No access to the account

💡 Even if you are on a fixed annual contract, understanding your license utilization can help you decide on the right size for your contract upon renewal.

How to Find Wasted License

  • Navigate to the License page - https://app.toriihq.com/team/licenses

  • Check the Licenses column for the inactive and unassigned amounts

  • Click the Expand button to see the breakdown by license type

  • Click the number of Inactive licenses to view more details

Alternatively, you can run the Inactive users report from the Reports page, to see the breakdown by user.

Underutilized Applications

When you integrate your SaaS expenses to Torii you can spot applications you pay for but which have zero or low usage.

How to Spot Underutilized Applications

  • Navigate to the Application Page The quickest way to get to the Application Page is by using the Quick Search on the top bar

  • Check the Usage graphs vs. the Expenses graph.

💡 Application usage is provided from either the SSO integration or the browser extension. Not all applications contain this data.

Chargeback report

Creating an IT chargeback can help you see exactly which parts of the organization drive the IT costs., Visualizing which departments are responsible for the internal SaaS expenses.

Working with chargebacks can help with budgeting, planning and forecasting.

💡 Whether the report is used for real intra-company chargeback or whether just to create a showback report, it will help you drive a culture of cost awareness in the organization.

Follow the Chargeback Report help article to configure chargeback report per application.

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