Each SaaS application should have an owner. The owner is the go-to person for any question you may have about a specific application. Why are we using this app? Why did expenses go up in February? Should we renew this application?

In some cases, the application owner is from the relevant business unit, and in others, you may appoint someone from the IT department to own it.

Applications without owners present a slippery slope to loosing control over your SaaS.

If you'd like to create additional owners, such as a budget-owner or a technical-owner, follow the instructions in Configure Application Details.

How to Assign Application Owners

You can assign application owners from either the Applications Table or from the Application Page.

Simply click on the Assign owner  icon and pick the relevant person.

💡 As you assign more owners, Torii will suggest relevant owners for the assignment based on similar products and usage information.

: Set Application State

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