One of the best ways of dealing with the long list of SaaS applications, is to create a unique Application View  for each task you are trying to accomplish.

An Application View  is a combination of Application Filters and Application Columns.

  • Application Filters - filter applications according to particular criteria. Filtered out applications are hidden from the particular view you've chosen to look at your table.

  • Application Columns - You can choose which application attributes (columns) to show or hide in a view. This will help you minimize distractions in a specific view, ensuring that only the relevant data is shown.

💡 A view is just a different way of looking at the same underlying data.

Some common use-cases for using Application Views:

  • Applications without owners

  • New applications

  • Paid applications

  • All except the Closed application

How to Create Application Views

  • Navigate to the Applications Page -

  • From the Views drop down, click on Create new view 

  • Name your view

  • Select the sharing option

  • Update view filters and selected columns

💡 Any update to a view is automatically saved

Sharing a view with other Torii team members

You can share your views with other Torii team members when creating or editing the view. Use of of these options:

  1. Private - only visible to you.

  2. Shared (read only) - visible to all other Torii team members, but they cannot edit or delete the view.

  3. Shared (full access) - visible to all other Torii team members, they can edit and delete the view.

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