Torii integrates with your LaunchDarkly account and syncs the list of users.

Step 1: Login to your LaunchDarkly account.

Step 2: Go to the Account settings page

Step 3: To create an access token, click into the Authorization tab.

Step 4: Click "+ Token". The Create an access token screen appears.

  • Give your token a Name, for example: Torii

  • Assign a Role to the token by choosing one from the dropdown. Choose Reader for read-only access. If you plan to use Torii for automated actions, choose the Admin role.

  • API version: 20191212

  • If your account in the Enterprise plan, then select the "This is a service token".

Step 5: Click Save Token. The new token appears in the Authorization page.

Step 6: Copy and save the token somewhere secure. After you leave this page, the token will be obscured.

Step 7: Go to Torii Integrations page and click on the LaunchDarkly tile in order to connect.

Step 8: Provide the API access token.

You can always contact our support team for help at

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