Torii workflows is a powerful feature that brings powerful automation capabilities without the need to write any code.

A workflow consists of a trigger and a set of actions. The trigger is what sets the workflow in motion through defined criteria. Actions are executed in sequential order once the workflow has been triggered.

Workflows are triggered when the defined criteria are met.

How Workflow Criteria are Evaluated

It is important to understand that workflow criteria are evaluated against Torii data which can also be viewed in Torii's UI console. As Torii syncs data from external sources every 24 hours, Torii's data and the source data might not always be in sync.

For example, assume you have a workflow with the following criteria:

This workflow would trigger when the status of a user in G-Suite is suspended.

You should expect this workflow to be triggered only when G-Suite data has been synced to Torii and Torii workflow criteria have been evaluated.

When Workflow Criteria are Evaluated

Torii syncs data from the integrations every 24 hours on 2:00am GMT.

Workflow trigger criteria are evaluated every hour on the half-hour (e.g. 9:30, 10:30, 11:30, ...)


  • 7:00pm GMT - G-Suite user has been set to suspended on G-Suite

  • 2:00am GMT - Torii syncs data from G-Suite

  • 2:30am GMT - Torii evaluates the criteria, finds that matches the criteria, and triggers the workflow

Matching Workflow Trigger Criteria

Workflow criteria will only match entities (users, apps, etc.) that meet the criteria after activating the workflow.

Therefore any existing entities will not be matched even if they currently meet the criteria. The only entities that will be matched are the ones that change to meet the trigger's criteria after the workflow is activated.

Workflow Criteria Preview

By clicking the Preview button in the workflow criteria filter, you can view the entities that currently meet the criteria. This preview helps you fine-tune your criteria to match only the needed entities. However, the preview only shows entities that match the criteria as of that moment and will not cause the workflow to be triggered once activated (as the workflow only matches entities that meet the criteria after activation).

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