Torii shows application and user usage information. Usage information brings valuable insights for understanding your SaaS stack utilization:

  • Find trending application

  • Identify applications with high churn

  • Find cost-saving opportunities

  • Increase employee engagement with core applications

You can view usage information within:

  1. Applications table - usage column

  2. Application page - overview tab

  3. Application page - users tab

  4. User page - usage column

How does Torii provide application usage data?

In order for Torii to provide usage insights, Torii uses several data sources from which it can provide aggregated application usage data:

Single Sign-On (SSO):

For applications that are integrated with one of the SSO providers below, Torii will use the SSO provider API to extract usage:

  • Okta

  • Onelogin

  • AzureAD

Torii browser extension

Torii browser extension is a powerful tool to discover Shadow-IT, but beyond that, it also provides application and user level usage information.

Direct integrations

Some applications also provide usage information in their API. The applications listed below provide usage data when directly integrating with them:

  • Slack

  • Zoom

  • Box

  • Dropbox

Why usage information is not available for an application?

If usage level is not available, you'll see a message saying that usage data is not provided by data sources.

This means one of the following:

  1. The application is not connected to your SSO provider

  2. The application is not one of the applications listed above that provide usage information from their API

  3. The browser extension is not deployed

Why usage information is not available for an application, but the Last used date is?

Many applications provide information about the last used date / last sign-in date for each user, even when usage data is not provided.

Torii will show this date as last used date, but usage over time graphs will not be shown.

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