Torii integrates with your Apple Developer account and syncs the list of active and invited users.

Note: This integration supports only the Apple Developer Program and not Apple Developer Enterprise Program or the iOS Developer University Program.

Step 1: Login to your App Store Connect account.

Step 2: Go to “Users and Access” page.

Step 3: Go to the “Keys” tab.

Step 4: Generate a new API Key by pressing on the “+” button or choose an existing one.

Step 5: Press “Download the API key” and save the file in a secure location.

Step 6: Save the API Key (content of the file).

Step 7: Go back to the browser and save the value of “ KEY ID” of your chosen API.

Step 8: Save the “Issuer ID” on the top of the “Users and Access” page.

Step 9: Go to Torii Integrations page and click on the Apple Developer tile in order to connect.

Step 10: Provide the Apple Developer API Key, Key ID and Issuer ID.

You can always contact our support team for help at

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