Torii integrates with your Salesforce account and syncs the list of users. Salesforce integration is an OAuth connection.


Your Salesforce account can be integrated as "Read-Only" in order for you to see your Salesforce data within Torii or "Read/Take Action" in order to create workflows and take action directly through Torii.

The requested scopes are:

  1. The refresh_token and offline_access scopes allow Torii to perform requests on your behalf at any time. It allows a refresh token to be returned when the requesting client is eligible to receive one. With a refresh token, the app can interact with the user’s data while the user is offline.

  2. The id scope allows Torii to access your basic information.

  3. The api scope allows Torii to access and manage your data.


Torii pulls 2 types of usage events:

In order to get the most of our usage capabilities, Please ensure you have the appropriate permissions to access the EventLogFile and LoginHistory objects.

Accessing this object requires View Event Log Files and API Enabled user permissions. Users with View All Data permission can view event log files.


  1. Connect Salesforce from the Integrations page.

  2. Login to your Salesforce account.

  3. Select Allow to allow the requested scopes.


Customer Portal Users are not supported. Please connect the integration with another user type.

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